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Siemens Generation Services Company (SGSC) supplies safe, highly skilled, and productive unionized labor to the power generation industry for maintenance, modernization, and installation work. Our team has extensive experience with nuclear, fossil, and combustion turbine generators. SGS is a Siemens USA Company.

Who we are...

One of the largest union employers in the Power Generation Industry:
  • SGSC performs work at over 300 sites per year
  • SGSC averages over 2.5 million man-hours per year
  • SGSC employs over 1900 craftsmen during the peak outage season
  • SGSC works in all 48 continental United States; Puerto Rico, and Mexico
  • SGSC is signatory to over 25 National Labor Agreements

What we do...

SGSC works closely with the local union halls to select the best craftsmen for an outage. We strive to maintain harmonious relationships with the building trades while insuring a safe, high quality, on schedule, and cost effective outage.

Other services and benefits provided by SGSC
  • Performance review for each craftsman and supervisor after each job
  • Background screening for nuclear and other plants with strict security requirements.
  • Welder certifications
  • Monetary and non-monetary incentive programs that reward craftsmen for safety, quality, and schedule.
  • Training and Development of Supervisors and Top Travelers in the latest tools and technologies.

With over 130 Craft Labor Superintendents and hundreds of trained, experienced, and motivated craftsmen, SGSC provides the performance that the Industry needs. On every job and in all contact with our craftsmen, we emphasize “Safety, Quality, Schedule… in that order.”

SGSC Online...

The SGSC Online System provides our employees and partners with tools to communicate, provide feedback, and manage their relationship with us. Our new second-generation system is even more powerful, allowing the unique functional access for various groups. Groups include: Supervisors, Craftsmen, Business Agents, Training Coordinators, Project Managers, and Resource Coordinators.

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